Lair of the Putrid Warrior – Addendum

Additional material for the small dungeon.

Here I present additional content for the small dungeon made in Gridmapper, the Lair of the Putrid Warrior. They’re as optional as the expanded room descriptions in the original post, but they’re also offered to help run the dungeon and enhance the experience. Enjoy!

Rumor Table

1There’s an old limestone mine that children are told not to wander to, for no one came back.
2An errant saint destroyed the undead warrior with holy power! (False)
3The infamous warlord Rucnar Ujimolt once ruled these lands.
4There’s a person at the inn looking for someone named Abelon.
5There’s an unusually higher number of rats than usual roaming in the fields.
6A caravan guard met one of the reptile folk, who to his surprise didn’t attack, but asked about a Yarrikk.
7A band of humans, orcs and goblins were seen travelling together.
8Rucnar the Conqueror was once slain, but as the Putrid Warrior rose again.
9An outsider in robes was seen at night asking about a follower of Rognaviel.
10A brigand of dwarves and gnomes made some inquiries about the region’s geography.
11Lady Kiriana went missing; her parents went to the Barony to seek aid in finding her.
12When the Putrid Warrior finally fell, his sword the legendary Mournbringer was lost in the fray. (False)

Factions’ Interactions and Relations

  • Chaotic delvers:
    • Isiaquo:
      • He distrusts Abelon the most, but is willing to go along with the thief for as long as he can be useful.
      • He distrusts Bohacas, afraid of whatever beings she serves, but appreciates her support and direct approach.
      • He doesn’t think much of his hirelings beyond mere servants.
      • He didn’t met any of the brigand yet.
      • He didn’t met the trader yet.
      • He thinks Svargos is simply a dumb monster of many muscles. (He tried to charm the troll, which didn’t work.)
      • He didn’t met Yarrikk yet, but already hates her stirges (without knowing they answer to her, of course).
      • He heard about Kiriana while in town, had a brief meeting (“Wererat! Run!”), and plans to formally invite her to join his team.
      • After he saw his meatshields – err, fellow delvers – killed and himself personally humiliated, he is both deathly afraid and furious with the Putrid Warrior, and wants to exact revenge on the undead warlord.
    • Abelon:
      • He distrusts Isiaquo the most, thinking the mad magic-user will betray the delvers sooner or later.
      • He likes Bohacas as a companion and as a friend, but fears she’ll zone out at a critical juncture.
      • He tries to treat his hirelings well, but he’s getting stressed out at their increasing demands.
      • He saw some members of the brigand while scouting ahead and is pondering about a temporary alliance proposal.
      • He had met the trader while scouting and got some supplies with him.
      • He’s thankful for not knowing Svargos any more than the necessary minimum.
      • He didn’t met Yarrikk yet, but he’s thankful her alarm trap was easy to spot and avoid.
      • He was the least bothered with rats, but after a brief meeting (see above) with Kiriana, that’s not the case anymore.
      • He almost died at the Putrid Warrior‘s blade and doesn’t want to repeat the experience.
    • Bohacas:
      • She thinks Isiaquo is a fool for being a scrawny man useless without his spells and overtly duplicitous.
      • She pities Abelon for trying to keep such a fractured expedition together without much success.
      • She tries to treat her hirelings well, and plans to keep them around in future delves.
      • She didn’t met any of the brigand yet.
      • She didn’t met the trader yet.
      • She’s interested in Svargos, wanting to either fight him for glory, or bring him to her fold for prestige.
      • She met Yarrikk once and, after a quiet moment of mutual respect, each silently agreed to leave the other alone.
      • She hates rats and wants nothing to do with the wererat, Kiriana.
      • She sees fighting the Putrid Warrior as her personal challenge, gets thrilled when thinking about doing it again, and is ashamed of running away once.
    • Hirelings:
      • They hate Isaquao, and some of them plan to kill him as soon as their service ends.
      • They think Abelon is a weakling, but appreciates the respect he gives them.
      • They like Bohacas, and some of them plan to follow her even after leaving this dungeon.
      • They hadn’t met the brigand yet. Since dwarves and goblins hate each other, such a meeting will be bloody.
      • One goblin met the trader and gave an odd-looking key to them for a small fur hide.
      • They think Svargos is cool, at least from a safe distance.
      • They think Yarrikk is as smelly as any other troglodyte and want nothing to do with her.
      • They think the “rat lady” (Kiriana) is creepy and are afraid of her.
      • They’re terrified of the Putrid Warrior – and with good reason! No one talked about facing undead! They demand a larger share of the loot!
  • The dwarven-gnome brigand:
    • They’ve heard about the delvers and their hirelings from the giant shrews, and are preparing themselves to fight any goblins they find, as well as their associates, without mercy. (Note: while gnomes can’t talk with animals in B/X and OSE, they can do so in 1e, at least with burrowing animals (and I’d say this includes giant shrews), according to OSRIC; I’d rule gnomes can also do it in B/X.)
    • Of the dungeon’s other denizens, they only have met the trader, who they parted ways amiably, and Svargos, who they try to avoid as much as possible.
    • Knowing the Putrid Warrior has risen again would be enough for them to bring reinforcements.
  • The trader:
    • From the delvers, they have met both Abelon and a few hirelings; both the thief and a goblin did business with them.
    • From the brigand, they have met some, and did business with a gnome.
    • Since their friends went missing, they’re cautious about meeting the troll, Svargos, and any other denized they’ve heard about.
    • The rise of the Putrid Warrior would be enough of an event to make them leave the dungeon alone, despite the risks.
  • Svargos the Moss-Coated:
    • He doesn’t think much about anyone in particular, only if they’re tasty, or dumb enough to try and pass through him, or only an annoyance; even still, he’s curious about the noisy groups.
    • He hates the dumb human – one of the bodyguards, friends of the trader – that managed to pass through him, and wants to settle the score once he sees him again.
    • He thinks Yarrikk is funny after seeing her trying to get some water and running away, scared from his “fish-friends”.
    • He likes the tasty rats and would like to thank Kiriana for bringing them to the dungeon, if he gets the chance.
  • Yarrikk:
    • She doesn’t want anything to do with the delvers, nor the brigand, nor the trader and their friends, except that they go away and leave the dungeon quickly.
    • She also wants nothing to do with Svargos and is thankful that the troll doesn’t leave the passageway he’s in, so she can easily avoid him.
    • She doesn’t like rats, but the stirge swarm she shepherds likes the gnawers (as food, sure), so she’s intrigued by Kiriana and is pondering about a possible alliance.
    • She heard rumors about the Putrid Warrior and is ready to leave the dungeon should the undead warlord be freed again.
  • Kiriana:
    • She thinks anyone from the delvers or the brigand is after her, since she believes there’s a bounty over her head.
    • She secretly wonders if either Isiaquo or Bohacas can lift her curse, as they’re casters, but the magic-user seemed shifty, and the cleric strange.
    • She sends her tiniest rats to spy on the trader; she’s in short need of supplies but doesn’t want to fall for a trap.
    • She avoids Svargos for now, but she’s thinking on approaching him for a brief agreement, should the need arises.
    • She didn’t met Yarrikk yet, but she hates and is disgusted by the stirges, and she won’t find it better if she finds out they’re ruled by someone, whoever they may be.
    • She’d heard stories about the Putrid Warrior but, unlike many others, she doesn’t know yet that she’s hiding in his old lair.
  • The Putrid Warrior:
    • As an intelligent undead, Rucnor appreciates good underlings and is very considerate of anyone who pleads to join his warband and follow his orders, but he doesn’t tolerate betrayal.
    • However, he’ll challenge any warrior he deems worthy of a duel, and will slay any cleric he meets, given the chance. He respects the power of magic but thinks magic-users are weak.
    • Should he meet Svargos, he’ll challenge him to later make a thoul of him; but he’ll need to convince the troll to leave his passageway and lead him to the unholy altar (room 12) where he came back from the dead, driven by his bloodlust above anything else.

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